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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

T-Central...A Victim of Its Own Success?

Google has detected that your site violates our Webmaster Guidelines. Because this critical issue lowers the quality of search results for users, Google has prevented the offending pages from showing in Google Search results. This manual spam action has been applied to . To reinstate your site, you must significantly change the content to conform to our guidelines. Only after making those changes should you submit a reconsideration request in order to have your the content included in Google Search results. 

Jenny, one of our T-Central administrators, got this email about a month ago.  It seems that the Google robots think that we're violating their Webmaster Guidelines and, technically, they're right. 

Google's specific guidelines include avoiding automatically generated content and creating pages with little or no original content.  

Well, we certainly do violate those two out of 13 specific no-no's, and I'm not sure just what we can co about it.  Jenny, who is a search-engine guru, has requested reinstatement in eloquent webmaster language.  So far, we haven't received a response.  Hopefully, we will and, hopefully, it will be positive.

Now, I am not trying to criticize Google.  After all, they provide the free platform that has hosted T-Central for around 8 years now.  My issue is with the Google computers who think we're a spam site.

In looking at the list of key words that have resulted in T-Central showing up in a search, there's nothing to indicate any sort of nefarious dealings.  Instead, the list of most common key words looks like this:

Nothing unexpected here.

I'm guessing that there are plenty of you out there who don't want to bookmark T-Central on your family computer and, instead, just type in "tcentral" and wait for Google to pop it up.  Others find it when searching on the typical key words you see above.  By finding T-Central, many eventually find YOUR own blog.

T-Central will still turn up in a search on one of the key words, above, with any of the other search engines but, Google by far, has the dominant share of the search engine market.  Just taking T-Central out of Google searches reduced our fairly stable page-view count by over 4,000 in February, and that hurts not only T-Central, but it keeps others from finding your blogs.

I've looked at many of the blogs listed on T-Central.  Many link to T-Central but many do not.  If you don't have a link to T-Central on your blog, please consider doing so.  By doing this you'll help T-Central and your fellow bloggers.


  1. If writing some more 'original content' would help, maybe we could chip in an article, here and there? You could run them, as required, and still keep the Specialist Post too. Just a thought.

  2. I love it!! Guest posts welcome from good writers (like you!).


    1. Careful what you wish for! :-)

      [ PS: Thanks and to think I flunked my English exam at skool. Sorry, *school* :-) ]


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