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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Planning a crossdreamer anthology

A repost from Crossdreamers:

Some of us over at the Crossdream Life forum are planning a crossdreamer anthology.

Think of it as a book that may answer some of the many questions asked by crossdreamers and crossdressers, gender variant people who are trying to understand themselves and their place in the world.

These would be questions and topics like:

  • Transgender vs. crossdreamer
  • Childhood Awareness
  • Am I mentally ill?
  • Is this a fetish?
  • Why can’t I stop?
  • How far will I have to go?
  • Breaking the news
  • Clothing and appearance
  • Why does it seem to become so important in midlife?
  • Why are we included in LGBT?

We are looking for crossdreamers and gender variant people who may discuss these and other topics. If you think that you can contribute, please add a comment here or or over at Crossdream Life, or send me and email (

We are not going to limit ourselves to new material. There are a lot of existing blog posts and forum comments out there that deserves a wider readership.

If you have a favorite blog post or comment, written by you or others, that you believe will be of help to crossdreamers and transgender people, please let us know in the same manner.

For more information, visit Crossdream Life.

1 comment:

  1. It is amazing that you do not see the manufactured language used to support the transgendered narrative. The true tragedy is that any disagreement with the standard talking points of men like jack molay, that cross dressing is "normal", is labeled as hate speech and summarily dismissed or banned.

    How can there be any truth if only the men's side is heard?


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