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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

HRT-Another Look

"So, I suppose I'm an example of one who does not need HRT in my transition, but there is still no lack of a wanting for it. In my case, it could very well kill me, and I'm too satisfied living as a woman these days to have to worry about dying as a "better" one. Nonetheless, I do have a longing to feel the emotional effects that HRT might induce - at least, I have an unrelenting curiosity about it. Had I not been such a procrastinator when I was younger, I could have experienced those effects for some time, even if I'd had to quit HRT for the sake of my health later. C'est la vie!

The quote, above is from a reader of Crysti's blog.  The reader has some interesting comments about HRT which are a followup to Crysti's prior post, Me and My Estrogen.  This post, by the way, is another good one which I should have featured on T-Central.  [Sorry, Crysti, but I somehow missed reading that one]

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