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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Media Is Not Your Friend

Talk show hosts and shock jocks made me the butt of their jokes. Reporters hid in my bushes, and ambushed my wife and oldest child, visited the homes of my mother, my mother in law and sister. One went up and down my block, asking my neighbors what they thought of the “tranny next door.”

fantasiafair3Dawn transitioned and was trashed for doing so by the same media she was a part of.  She then detransitioned and hit rock bottom.  Then, she retransitioned and life has relatively good with the exception of the tragic death of the love of her life and mother of her children.

Sadly, and speaking as someone who works in that same media, Dawn is correct when she says, The Media Is Not Your Friend.

This is a must-read post, which is the text of Dawn's keynote address at the 42nd annual Fantasia Fair.

Photo on the right, by Tracy Peterson

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