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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Praise for another ally

So tentatively, with a terrible opening message along the lines of, “Hello. Ok. So. Support. I'm nervous. Scared more like. I've sought help on my slimming before, but to my regret, I've never told any of my previous people why I'm slimming which is actually the most important bit really.  Not sure how you'd take it and whether I'm about to make a mistake that will alienate you forever...this is really not something I'm sure about.  Can I confess the secret only selected friends and family know...? If this is already TMI, honestly, I won't say, but clearly, it already sounds too interesting I suspect…”

Rhiannon wants to lose weight and fit into THAT dress....someday.  HE is in a weight loss group, and HE sent the rather "rambling" (sorry Rhiannon, I couldn't help myself) FB message, above to the group leader.  What was the group leader's response?  Let's just say that Praise for another ally is a feel-good post from Rhiannon.

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  1. lol Calie, it really wasn't my best literary moment ever was it :o) so I can happily forgive the pun! Thanks for featuring the blog, my weight is one of the things that zaps my confidence completely and I think partly makes me stand out from a male perspective. I can already feel confidence growing as the weight comes off. I guess body confidence affects many trans people too...


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