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Monday, October 24, 2016

Was this child trans?

Children are malleable. They can be forced to present as the other gender. But we don’t know: why would the mother be certain her child was a trans girl, if he were not? Is she charged with abuse or neglect? Would a child, taken by the court from her mother and given to her father, be able to assert she was a trans girl even if she wanted to?

Was this child trans?, is an interesting post, from Clare.  The child, a male, had been living as a girl with his mother.  

Was the child forced to live as a girl?  Will the child live as a boy or a girl?  The answers to both questions are unclear at this point. Clare will post more on all of this, so stay tuned.

Xandra also did a post on this subject, in her post, A Tale of Two Trans Kids.

This post also includes mention of a 14 year old, born female, who wants to transition to male.  While social workers support the child's desires, the Christian parents are fighting this with the support of a Christian legal center.

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