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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Testosterone for women

And testosterone has masculinising effects that I certainly don't want, quite apart from altering aspects of my personality. I don't want to turn into a frustrated and bitchy cougar. I want to stay the sexless but amiable person I am right now. 

Well said, as only Lucy can.  Check out Testosterone for women; it's entertaining reading and written by one of T-Central's longest running bloggers.


  1. Thanks for featuring a post of mine again! This is the twelve time - is that a record?

    I ought to make it clear that I accept celibacy because it's comfortable and uncomplicated, and not because of some principle or belief. Of course not - it must be amply clear that I am shamelessly self-indulgent! So sex is OK my view, and if you want it, but have a problem, then any low-cost and easily-obtainable medical treatment that could help has to be a Good Thing.

    I hope testosterone patches really do get offered as Dr Panay was urging. (I'm looking forward to a real conversation with my doctor!!)



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