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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Being Misgendered After Almost 2 Years of HRT

The lesson here is two fold, I think. First, no matter how “passable” a person might become and no matter how privileged they appear in that regard, they are likely still suffering from being misgendered from time to time. 

This is another post about passing and being mis-gendered.  Emma continues her thoughts, above, with this statement:

.....I see transgender women who are so completely feminine that I become envious of either their genetics or their financial affluence that’s permitted them the procedures I cannot afford that I forget that they are still fighting the same fight as me, to be gendered correctly. 

I have been with absolutely gorgeous transwomen who have had the financial resources to transform their bodies, yet they still (at least in their minds) feel that they are mis-gendered from time to time. 

Congratulations to Emma, for taking it all in stride for Being Misgendered After Almost 2 Years of HRT.

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