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Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Tale of Two Doctors

There once were two doctors. One was called Ken and the other one was called Ray and they worked in the same place. They tried to understand why some people were the way they were. Ray decided that you were more likely to be gay if you had older brothers. He also decided that trans women were really men who were really excited by the thought of being women or else some kind of gay guy who didn’t know when to stop.

Helen has written a brilliant piece of satire, involving Ray Blanchard and Kenneth Zucker....two of Canada's finest psychologists (just a bit of my own satire).  This one is about their theories on transgender children.  It's really worth reading.  The post is full of links and each one is worth checking out.  Do take some time to read The Tale of Two Doctors, written by Helen Belcher.   

Helen's blog, by the way, is listed on the right side of the T-Central home page in the Trans-Related News Links section.

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