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Sunday, January 29, 2017


There's something of a moral issue here: should one 'monetise' a blog, knowing that at least some of one's readership may follow up an advertising link and find themselves wasting money on goods or services they wouldn't otherwise have been aware of? I'd feel very uncomfortable about that.

This is a post, by a trans blogger, for bloggers in general.  There's no TG content, but the subject matter is relevant to all bloggers.  

Do you want to monetize your blog?  Lucy doesn't and T-Central's admins, from the very beginning with our founder Lori, have always declined any suggestions that we run advertisements.  Nevertheless, many bloggers to accept offers to monetize, and that's OK.  Lucy feels pestered.  How about you?


  1. Thanks, Calie.

    I think this is a growing problem. It's fuelled by Social Networking and a tolerance of trendy (and cheeky) approaches from sales people, who often get what they want by a kind of flattery - we are discerning professional people, and recognised potential in your blog; we're a world-class outfit, and a link to us will lend lustre and status to your blog; there's something in this for you if you carry us, it'll be a nice little earner - and so forth. The actual truth being that one's blog was targeted in a largely-automatic global trawl, and only because it seemed popular and had good connectivity with potential customers. It had a good score.

    I have never been happy with 'selling out' - accepting cash or other incentives - for allowing others to make a commercial pitch (and impose commercial strictures) on one's personal showcase to the world. It not only seems wrong on a personal level - corrupting perhaps - but it encourages a creeping consumerism and materialism across the board, racking up pressures on often-vulnerable people to try and buy. If Person A lets it happen, then their connected friends Persons B, C and D may feel more likely to join them, not seeing any particular harm, but widening the exposure for expensive products and services that are only marginally useful or necessary. We surely have far too much of it already.

    But in any case, being bombarded with these approaches is intrusive and very annoying. And a blog disfigured with ads is a blog I am personally less likely to visit.


  2. I think you have the right attitude, Lucy! Thanks for posting this.



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