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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Closet: Perspective of a Nonbinary Youth

The closet is the box boxing us into the social norm. But here’s something that makes it more complicated. The closet has locks on the doors. These locks are the people you are unsure as to how they will react to being outside the closet. Who knows—they may not talk to you, they may lecture you about how it’s “wrong”, they may even kick you out. They keep you “locked” inside the closet.

This is an interesting guest post on Dara's blog.  The author, a male, draws a line between the non-binary community and the trans community.  As he puts it, ".....there are days when I feel like a boy and or I feel like a girl and it flips randomly".  Closet: Perspective of a Nonbinary Youth, is a  good post and well worth the time to read.

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