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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Interview with Naomi from “Naomi’s Truth”

Q: Is shopping for lingerie easier or harder since coming out? 
A: Short Answer: Harder. After my gynecomastia stabilized, and I learned what worked. It was easy shopping for Bra’s because my size and shape never changed. However, since I started HRT, it’s rediscovering process all over again. My breast size/shape keeps fluctuating from month to month and they developing further (YAY!). Plus I have open myself up to a whole other world of lingerie that I was afraid to explore or even consider before. Now I have to consider, and discover what works for me and what doesn’t in those other categories. I never knew Women had so many choices in terms of Underwear.

Danielle is a lingerie and fashion blogger, the author of Rolls and Curves.  In her, "About Me" page she says:

This blog is to be a safe space for anyone of any gender identity, weight, body type, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or any other factor. There will be no name calling, body shaming, or other general rude behavior (this includes slut shaming). When I say “women”, I include all people who identify as a female. To make other women feel more secure reading this blog and offering their input, I would prefer there to be no perverted comments made. This is a blog predominately focused on lingerie. There will be boobs.  I will delete any lewd comments. 
Love it, Danielle!

Danielle has featured a Q&A featuring her friend, Naomi, a trans-woman who has a blog titled Naomi's Truth, which is now listed on T-Central. To read the interview, go to Danielle's post,  Interview with Naomi from “Naomi’s Truth”

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