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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The Choice

She believes that for the good of the family, and in following God, I should bury my desires and suffer if necessary.

The "She" in the excerpt, above, refers to Shannyn's spouse, and it's not an uncommon comment from a spouse.  

Shannyn has come alive!  Her total number of posts for July now equal her total for January-June.  What's going on with Shannyn?  Read her current post, The Choice, and then browse her blog.  You might want to check out, When Did You KNOW? When CAN You Know?.

Oh, and please leave this girl a comment!  She's been leaving comments on many of your blogs and deserves a few herself!


  1. Calie,

    I'd like to hug you right now! I'm very humbled by the attention you've given to me, here, today. I just recently discovered this wonderful site that brings together so many similarly-minded individuals. As you've noted, I love to share (overshare?) and try to bond with others. So, this is great! Y'all blew up my pageviews today, LOL.

    Now I just need to see about this pink fog....sounds pretty :)

    1. "Once you stay in the pink fog, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will." 😋

      Welcome to T Central, BTW.


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