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Saturday, July 6, 2019

The End

After 12-1/2 years, I have decided to put an end to this blog. I am tired of writing it, have nothing new to say and want to spend the time doing something else.

Please tell me it isn't so, Stana.  

Femulate has been an institution in our community, as has Stana.  I've been following this blog from nearly the first day.  Stana, via Femulate first helped me to better understand myself and later helped me to grow my own blog. Femulate has also helped grow T-Central tremendously, especially it the early years.  It used to be that all T-Central referrals came from Femulate.  I can't begin tell you how much I have appreciated the power of Femulate in helping other trans-related blogs to grow.

Stana has always kept Femulate up to the highest standards.  This quality has translated into many non-trans readers, such as spouses, trying to understand more about us.

I've met Stana more than once.  She's the real-deal, and I do hope she's OK.

Go here for her most recent, and currently last post.

Go here, for a recent post that I found very troubling, yet fulfilling when I got to the end.

Please also read Rhonda's Femulate Tribute.

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