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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Lucky One

How lucky am I though at this moment to have such choices in what I can do with my future and still at an age to make it worth while. There are always days when it feels like the complete opposite, ‘why didn’t I do something sooner?’, ‘Why am I not more feminine?’ et. al. But then something will trigger a different point of view, a certain angle in the mirror, a different perspective on the size of my fingers, seeing a women with a bigger nose than me (me-ow). A friend said the other day ‘My god, you’ve got little boys hands.’ Well, half way there I guess.

I so love Hannah's posts.  They're just beautifully written and you always want to read them from start to finish.  In this post, Hannah is feeling good about life.


  1. I love to read positive posts like that. It helps keep me going, hopeful of more one day soon. If anyone desires to read more about me, I have my ramblings over at:

  2. Thanks Shannyn. Glad to see you blogging.

    Calie x


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