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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Something Completely Different

Yes, here at T-Central … a feature about someone other than a blogger. 

For me, it started two days ago when Joanna embedded an interview on her site; YouTuber Natalie Wynn talking with Krystal Ball on The Hill’s program Rising. I will be honest; I watched the first half, thinking - what a smart and witty cis-woman Natalie is, someone who is fun to watch and who speaks with the authority of one who does her homework.

As it turns out, Natalie is a trans-woman, who transitioned in full view of her public and her critics. If you don’t think that is brave, clearly you don’t know someone who has transitioned. 

On top of that, because she has a public platform, she is being seen, unfairly, as a representative of trans-people. 

Natalie’s YouTube channel, which she refers to as “.. a long, theatrical response to fascism”, is called ContraPoints. Many of you are going to say, why, of course, I know Natalie because I’m one ContraPoints' well over 600 000 subscribers. 

Here is a sample of her work:

Taking on Ben Shapiro

Blowing away Blanchard and Bailey and their defence of the theory of autogynephilia:

Before watching those, however, this talk she gave last September at the XOXO Festival is a very good introduction to Natalie and her work. 

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  1. Great idea to start featuring extra content. There's a few vloggers out there now and they may well appreciate some new visitors.


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