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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Do you want to be me?

By joining a closed or secret Facebook group of parents like you, you can share things that many can’t share anywhere else.  We come looking for love and support but also the “me too” experience.  “Ahhhhh your son had a super girly phase before he transitioned, so did mine!!!!” moments and similar discussions create an enormous amount of relief, a sense of belonging at a time in parenting where you can feel terribly alone.  For some families it is their only space to be able to express themselves as they live “stealth” in their communities.  So to find that despite the best efforts of incredibly hard working volunteer administrators someone has slipped through the net can be incredibly distressing.

Most of the blogs listed on T-Central, including my own, are the words of those who are trans.  There are also a few written by parents and spouses, and these blogs are a very valued part of the T-Central list, for it helps all of us to better understand just what we all are going through.

Do you want to be me?, outlines in some detail just what the parent of a trans teen goes through every day.  Meeting other parents of trans kids is very important and social media is a big part of that.  These Facebook, etc., groups must be private, for the sake of the kids, but it seems that there are some who have managed to get through the vetting process of the administrator.  This subject is but part of a post, written from the heart, by the mother of a transgender teen.....once known as Kati but now known as Jeremy. 

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