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Monday, August 22, 2016

Friendships Lost

When you are trying to find out about who you are and are also trying to reach and maintain a normality with this life we have, friends are an invaluable part of that process. Having someone there to talk to, to bounce ideas and thoughts off, and someone to confide in who is in a similar place to you is incredibly important. Otherwise your only sounding board is yourself, and if you are in a negative place this can only make things worse. Unfortunately it seems it can be incredibly difficult to maintain friendships as a part time girl, especially real life friends.

This post is referring primarily to on-line friends disappearing, sometimes after years of chatting.  I asked myself if I have intentionally not responded to many of my own on-line friends over the years.  As far as I can recall....never, but I suppose we simply sometimes run out of things to chat about.  I can't think of anyone who I didn't like but, as this blogger says in the post, sometimes you need to have something else in common besides being some flavor of trans.  Friendships Lost brings up some interesting thoughts I haven't seen mentioned in many blog posts.  

Oh, and isn't her blog logo pretty? 

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