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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Topless in the Locker Room – Part II

I am more aware of being transmasculine in female gendered spaces since I had top surgery. I want the gym to be a place where I don’t think about my gender. While I am comfortable on the gym floor lifting weights, I don’t want to keep pretending that I am comfortable entering that locker room. I’d rather change and shower at home, even though it is less convenient.

Here's another post from one of my fav trans-masculine bloggers, Jamie Ray.  This is the second part of a post on Topless in the Locker Room.  Here's the link to Part 1.  

Sometimes we think of the bathroom debate as a transwoman-only issue.  Not so.  Jamie Ray writes about what goes on over on the other side of the gender spectrum.  Included is link to an entertaining, yet reality in today's world, post from another trans-masculine blogger by the name of Naomi Gordon-Loebl that is well worth reading.

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