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Monday, August 15, 2016

On being transgender -- hope and despair

Monica does not buy the perverted man in a frock paradigm at all:
"We must not kill ourselves by succumbing to the despair inherent in such a dated stereotype. The image of 'the guy who gets off on deviant sexual practices' is an erroneous concept which has been increasingly called into question, and which is already in the process of undergoing its own transformation into a much more positive and accurate concept -- the Transgender woman who has come home to herself."

This is a wonderful report on a new book, authored by Monica Mulhand, from New Zealand.  Jack notes that the book covers the entire MtF spectrum, including crossdreamers and crossdressers, but is mostly oriented towards transsexuals.  I haven't read it, but I will.  The post is titled, On being transgender -- hope and despair, and well worth reading.

All proceeds from Monica's book, Me! The gift of being transgender!, will go to Lifeline, New Zealand.

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