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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Sexual Feelings

When one's body fails to be aligned with one's internal perception of oneself, then sexual thoughts get, not surprisingly, confused. When a person is first discovering their own body, and its potential to give them sexual pleasure or possibly feelings of guilt, that confusion is particularly great. Feelings and thoughts flow back and forth during that experience. The arousal can become mixed up with the need to be the sex you know yourself to be at the deepest level.

Halle has been blogging since 2010 and whatever she writes about is worth reading.  In this case, it's about the "sex" in Transsexual.  Sexual Feelings is a subject that is seldom discussed in the T-Blog world.  My good friend Halle, one of the T-Blogging world's best writers, has given this subject the honesty and respect it deserves.  This is a "clinical" discussion, with nothing objectionable in the post.


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