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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A story of desistance

He developed a fantasy that living as girl would be easier because he could escape from the pressures of being a man. This fantasy was connected to his self-confidence. Whether the fantasy is realistic or not, the pressures on young men to perform are very real. His fantasies got stronger during periods he was having difficulty with relationships and life and diminished during periods he was having success.

TWT transitioned from male to female at age 19 and de-transitioned 20 years later.  If you're considering transitioning, this is a blog you should browse.  There are those who are happy, having transitioned into the body and gender they should have been born in/with.  And, there are those who transitioned and later found that transitioning was not the answer to their issues.  TWT is among the latter and one of the rare ones who shares his experiences with us.

In, A story of desistance, TWT re-posts the thoughts of guy who's life experiences, as it relates to gender in his early years, were not unlike his own.  Again, if you're asking yourself if you should transition, reading posts like this one may assist you in better evaluating yourself.....along with a good therapist.

Please note that this post can best be termed as "R rated".

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