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Friday, October 27, 2017

Trans community

When I transitioned I decided I would make my community in normal society. I left the Northern Concord and the Sibyls behind, but more recently when I have spent time with trans folk I have relaxed. I am with my kind. It’s a good feeling. Sharing experiences might strengthen us and give us tips.

This is an interesting post, from Clare.  She starts off by saying, There is no trans community, and I feel that is a shame.  At this point, I wondered just what she is talking about.  The trans community in my city is huge, and there are several trans groups in the UK.

After reading the post, I believe what Clare is referring to (Clare - please correct me if I'm wrong) is that there really is no community for post-ops.  Clare mentions that some post-ops avoid being with others in the trans community out of fear of being clocked by association.  I have seen this, and she is absolutely correct, yet I have also seen how lonesome some of my friends are and how they have shed their friendships with others who are trans because of the "guilt by association" factor.  I haven't transitioned and, when with my post-op friends, always present myself as male.  They feel comfortable around me for that reason.  When I asked one once if she would continue to be around me if I was presenting female, she sadly said "no, not in public" because she would be clocked.....

Trans community, is another well written post, from Clare.

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