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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Fun raising

Last night we ran a StartUp September event at Chams. This was part bring & buy, to advice session. Along with a few others, I think I was on my feet (in heels) for two, possibly three hours (Maths isn't my strong point. Ask me one on accessorising :-) ). Perhaps I should have gone with the slightly lower posh office style shoes, but hey ho, lessons learned :-)

I saw this one - Fun raising - from Lynn (nice title, girl!), and it reminded me just how much good can come out of joining a local transgender social group.  In Lynn's case, it's the Chameleons.  In my case, it's the Gems.  There's many more out there.  Interesting that Lynn's group apparently has a few transmen in it.

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  1. Thanks for featuring my post, Calie, and promoting the group too.

    Since the Channel Four documentary My Transsexual Summer, we've had a slowly and steady increase in the number of transmen contacting the group.

    What's been great is that there's now a regular attendance, so it's not a case of others popping along and wondering if they're on their own.

    Plus, it's not Us/Them. With so many of the MTF group being *ahem* part timers, there's chat to be had about blokey topics.

    Yay for belonging eh? :-)


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