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Saturday, October 21, 2017


.......we'd sorted out a foundation that worked with my existing primer and powder. I know the latter may be old school, but a light dusting of powder really helps set my makeup. Oh, and if you're not using a primer, you're missing out. In addition to that, I quizzed her about lip liner, and after some pro-tips, I had improved my lipstick technique too. What's not to like?

Lynn was lucky enough - in male mode - to get into the back room of an establishment specializing in makeup, cosmetics and beauty.   Working with a makeup artist, she learned a bit more on the subject of being made-up.

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  1. There's no magic to this; just contact the store, and ask nicely! :-)

    In the few chats I've had with people running make-up counters, they know when it's for us.

    Be honest, be brave, be fabulous! :-D

    PS: thanks for featuring my blog again.


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