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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Transgenderism Encourages Rigid Gender Stereotypes

Look at those gender identity tests such as COGIATI and SAGE, which ask you a series of questions about your personality traits and abilities to score how masculine or feminine you are. Answer with too many “girly” answers, and you’ll be told that you are a good candidate for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) with or without sex reassignment surgery (SRS).

Ralph has made some very good comments in this post.  It's well worth reading this short post, if you have questions about yourself.

I don't believe his blog has been featured in the past. 

A little bit more about Ralph, from his "about" page:

What this site is NOT about is the male to female transformation process. If your journey has taken you down that road and you wish you could be a girl — part time, full time, any time — I wish you well, but you won’t find anything of interest here. For reasons that have taken two years and dozens of blog posts for me to explain, that’s not part of who I am. I prefer dresses and skirts to pants, it’s true, but I wear them on my own terms as a man who happens to like those things. Here you’ll find — and you are encouraged to participate in — discussions on why we do it, what makes us who we are, fashion likes and dislikes, deep theological musings, and how it affects our relationships with friends, lovers, and the world.

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