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Monday, October 30, 2017

taking stock on the one hand, we have females who are (tragically, ironically) defending their “turf” as being the sole owners of the Gender “Woman”. which, contradictorily, is also recognized by many of them as being a set of Man-imposed chains holding them in bondage to a role that is submissive, inferior and victimized.
…and on the other we have males who claim (correctly) that to be a Woman is achievable by any Human Being regardless of Sex, since Gender is culturally produced and Sex is not.

The Outpost is a new blog listing on T-Central, and I want to thank Jack Molay (Crossdreamers, et all) for alerting us to Birdy's terrific blog.  Taking Stock, pt 2, (there is a part 1) is a good post to feature from Birdy because you'll learn a lot about just what is going through her head.  Grab a cup of coffee or tea, or whatever, and take the time to read this post.  I guarantee once you start reading it, you'll read it to the end.

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  1. ...oh my... i am so grateful to Jack, and to Calie, for this support. i'm humbled and want to say how wonderful it is to be able to share my "out there" insights and attempts to escape the madness of endless conflict, for us all to be free to be, and to be in love with each other... to escape from conflict that leads only to more conflict, conflict based on Patriarchal notions of Hierarchical ranking - "superiority/inferiority" - conflict that seeks to annihilate, not synthesize... this distorted kind of conflict is one of the ugly, destructive hallmarks of Human Society at this point in our cultural/biological evolution.

    but isn't it time for us to realize instead that it takes all of us together, with all of our contradictions, confusions and contretemps to find the way back to the Whole? this is what i yearn to find... thank you all for being...

    <3 birdy


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