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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Gender queer

.....some will say, removal of gonads can never be free choice. There are social pressures against as well as for- the idea that transition involves having the operation, and the idea that removing gonads is repugnant. How to maintain freedom for those who do, and those who don’t? Round and round I go, trying to get my head round it.

Clare says that she blogs rather than writes because it gives her a way to think things through.  In Gender Queer, Clare's point is that maybe gender reassignment surgery is not really necessary for some when what they really need is freedom to express their preferred gender without harassment.  Public acceptance of those who are gender queer could be the answer.

I will note that I recently watched a documentary featuring a male and a female, both identifying as gender queer.  I simply could not relate to it.  The particular male who was featured was walking around in a dress and makeup, but also sporting a beard.  I have absolutely nothing against this, but identifying myself as gender queer in a like manner would not fix things for me. 

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