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Friday, September 2, 2016

I Lost a Friend

She took as deep breath and told me that one of the facilitators of our weekly trans support group had passed away in her sleep the previous night. Her fiance found her home in her bed that morning. 

The quote, above, is from a post in Jennifer's Diary.  I received a similar call yesterday informing me that a former member of our local trans group had passed away.  She was way too young and had died in her sleep following a long motorcycle trip.  She was also a former blogger.  I say "former" because she stopped blogging about a year after her gender reassignment surgery.  Her life had changed for the better and the reason for blogging was no longer there.

She was Jennifer. She was a wonderful person.  I'll miss her greatly.

I looked through her blog, which is still up on T-Central, and found a post titled, Senseless Loss.  Indeed, it was.

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