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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Letter

Many of us married transgender people (whether we are ‘just’ crossdressers or people who more completely identify with a gender different to the one we were assigned at birth) have either actually written or considered writing ‘the letter’. This is designed as a ‘tell all’. A coming clean if you like where we finally tell our spouses  who we are, what we do and why we have kept this from them for so long. It is traumatic for both parties and incredibly risky. The stakes are high and once handed over there is no going back. For this reason many letters never see the light of day.

Can't say that I've ever written The Letter.  I believe in face-to-face communication....and that's the way I revealed my femme side to my wife.  Nevertheless, there have been many blog posts over the years about The Letter.  Daniella adds to that list of posts with a nicely written blog commenting on a husband's confession to his wife.  That confession is included in a link on Daniella's post and it is one heck of a confession.  Included in the confession is a commitment to stop crossdressing....forever.  Daniella has a lot to say everything written in The Letter.

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