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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sometimes Being Out Is a Responsibility I Don't Want

The point of this post is the reality of being transgender, and being out.  By being out, what I mean, is that I live my life, all of it, my personal life, my family life, my friend life, my work life, LIFE!!! as an openly transgender person.  I do not always state it.  I don't carry around a large blinking neon sign, proudly claiming my TRANSGENDER status.  But I do me, openly, and freely, for anyone looking, for anyone that cares to see, and to anyone who cares to ask.

Nadine has not been afraid to "out" her gender expression openly.  That means nail polish, and perhaps other feminine expression (in this case, shoes and socks) while presenting primarily as male at work.  She recently experienced harassment in the work place as a result of being more or less "out" as transgender.  

Now, as I do, Nadine lives in California and we who are trans have the laws behind us, specifically as related to the California Fair Employment and Housing Act Employment Regulations (amended April 1, 2016):

California employers with five or more employees have an affirmative duty to take “reasonable” steps to prevent and correct discrimination and harassment.  Under the new regulations, employers must create detailed written policies for preventing harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. 

California FEHA's Employment Regulations specifically refer to the terms, "transgender" and "transsexual" and even define gender expression and gender identity:

“Gender expression” means a person’s gender-related appearance or behavior, whether or not stereotypically associated with the person’s sex at birth.

“Gender identity” means a person’s identification as male, female, a gender different from the person’s sex at birth, or transgender.

Nadine did go to her personnel office at work, but wonders if all of this is worth the hurt she has experienced. and notes that she has even had comments from those who have transitioned her who consider her "not trans enough".

Go to, Sometimes Being Out Is a Responsibility I Don't Want, to read the the thoughts Nadine is sharing with all of us.

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