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Friday, September 9, 2016


With two weeks to go until my first birthday as Faith it has got me thinking about all the different aspects to transition. My transition has been mightily successful up to this point and has come to a precipice of sorts. Life has gone from slow and gradual to fast and climbing over the last couple of weeks and this is mostly down to me finally starting dating.

20160826_185742 For some reason, there's some sort of technical snafu that has resulted in Faith's most recent post not showing up on T-Central.  It deserves to be read!

In Singly-Joined, Faith discusses her transition, to date.  Everything has been going well.  What about dating?  Men?  Women?  Both?  Faith shares her thoughts in this post.

As an aside, isn't she lovely? transition at such an early age.   She's a lucky girl!

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