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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How Do I Hold Onto a Loved One Who Struggles with Me Being Transgender?

She explains that her wife was “initially okay with my revelation that I identified as female,” but it has become increasingly more difficult for her over time. In particular, she says that her wife “has issues that have to do with how my behavior reflects on her and her own self-image.”

Dara, a Licensed Professional Counselor and a gender therapist in private practice, has a blog that is really a great asset to all of us, offering to address questions, that many may have in common, from readers.  Dara's response should be of interest to many, especially those who were born and grew up in the pre-internet years.

Dara's Blog is listed on the right side of the T-Central home page.   

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  1. I know Dara on a personal and professional level and I fully endorse their website, blog, YouTube videos, and book. Dara allowed me to help answer incoming emails from people questioning their gender for many months, which was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Dara also helped me get into grad school to become a gender therapist like them. There are few people more dedicated to the effort of helping the trans community than Dara. I'm so happy Dara's blog is listed on t-central.


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