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Monday, September 12, 2016

You underestimate the power of the trans side

Yet, there was the growing push - ache? - to want to be not just in bloke mode. I don't say clothes, because it's more than that. That, or a want to shave my legs or arms and not feel, well, so 'him'. Thing is, doing either of the latter will upset the Ever Lovely Mrs J and I really don't want to do that to her. Much as it itched, I felt if I gave in, it would be wrong somehow.

I always picture Lynn Jones in my mind as someone I admire.  Never a down moment.  Happy in boy mode.  Happy in girl mode.  I wish I could say that.  

Alas, Lynn shows another side of herself in this post.  It all turns out well, however, and shows everyone how being a member of a local trans group can be greatly therapeutic.  Been there, done that, and love my group for helping me.

You underestimate the power of the trans side, is really about how we all have to live with it and how you just can't bury it away.

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