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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Family Ties

Me:     Talking of doctors, I was referred to a clinic myself last year. Actually, it’s a Gender Identity Clinic and I’m on the waiting list to be treated for dysphoria. A couple of years ago I realised I couldn’t hide my need to live my life as a woman any longer.


The silence, for a few secs, came from Ruth's sister-in-law.  She did respond, however.  This post is a coming out story - actually stories - from Ruth and includes reactions such as this one from by Kate:

.......he couldn’t quite get past the ‘I don’t get it – why does he want to wear a dress?’ stage, though as I’ve probably said before, if you’ve no experience of gender dysphoria and it’s never touched your life that’s probably a not unreasonable reaction – especially if you’ve lived most of your life in an era where such matters were brushed conveniently under the carpet.

And, there's more in Family Ties, a well written post, from Ruth.

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