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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Every kinda wrong. Every kinda right.

Mrs J read out the line: "Though men might plead that their muscles, big cars and sharp suits are for attracting women, really they are for impressing male rivals."
I think I can see how that can work and I wonder if I'm guilty as charged too? I don't do big cars, suits aren't my bag and big muscles, I'm too lazy and worried they'd spoil the line of my dress. :-) But, do I compete in other ways? Do I compete on 'the slacker scale' by pushing disinterest and rejection of the mainstream male behaviour. Possibly, methinks the trans person doth protest too much. :-P

Let me set up the scene.  The lovely Lynn Jones (very much in male mode) is sitting at the kitchen table with the Ever Lovely Mrs. Jones in their Nottingham period cottage.   It's a weekend and the kettle is hot.  Both are sipping Earl Gray.  Lynn has added milk to hers.  Mrs. Jones prefers lemon in hers. (note: I don't have a clue where Lynn lives, what her house looks like, or what she puts in her tea and, indeed, if it is even Earl Gray, but this all sounds rightly British, in the mind of a born and bred Californian).  Did I mention that it's grey (English spelling) and drizzling outside? 

Anyway, Mrs. Jones asks Lynn if she has read that article by Grayson Perry, titled What's Gone Wrong With Men.  A lengthy conversation ensues, followed by Lynn Jones, herself, pondering all of this in the form of a brilliant blog post.  It's quite entertaining, including an interesting aside mentioning the banned act of shaving arm pits.  [note the lovely and very bare pits in the snap on the right]

Have I piqued your interest?  If so, you must read Every kinda wrong. Every kinda right, and do leave Lynn a comment.  Good stuff!

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