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Monday, November 7, 2016

Our bedtime discussion…

I’m not sure what most people discuss at bedtime but I’m reasonably sure it’s not what we talk about.

Jeremy stomped into my bedroom yesterday evening. “I’m mad at some celebrities,” they announced as they flopped onto my bed.

I put my book down beside me and waited. As far as I knew, celebrities hadn’t done anything to us.

“There are trans celebrities who won’t tell people if they’ve had surgery on their genitals or not,” Jeremy continued. “People are going to continue to be scared of surgery unless they know of people who had it done and say it’s easy and safe.”

It was a bedtime chat between a wonderful mom and her child.  If you're unfamiliar with Michelle's blog, she uses gender neutral pronouns (they, their, them, ze, sie, and hir, etc.) when referring to Jeremy who identifies as "agender".

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