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Monday, November 28, 2016

Trans Without Transition? A Critique of Gender Identity

A thought experiment: imagine an AMAB trans person who wakes up one day and has a startling realization: they are transgender! But they have zero desire to engage in any act of transition. They don’t want to change their name, their pronouns, their dress, their mannerisms, their voice, their body, etc. They are totally fine in the gender role assigned to them at birth.

I love this blog, from Rachel.  She gets into the who trans thing as a philosopher would and thinks out questions worth asking.  I suppose this is because she is a philosopher.  

The featured post is:  Trans Without Transition? A Critique of Gender Identity.  Don't stop with this post, however.  Dig in and enjoy Rachel's thoughts and writing.

Here's a bit more about Rachel:

Hi. My name is Rachel Williams. Here are some words that describe me:

Queer. Philosopher. Trans woman/non-binary femme. Poly. PhD Student/academic. Blogger. Vlogger. Beer. Coffee. Metal. Progressive. Agnostic-atheist. Science. Naturalism. Reddit. tumblr. Killjoy Feminist. Books. Pansexual. Vanilla. Political lesbian. Cuddling. Dogs. Cats. St. Louis.

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