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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Transgender Day of Remembrance Wed 23 Nov 2016

When I learnt about Transgender Day of Remembrance (which must’ve been several years ago) I had mixed thoughts about it. How strange that there is a separate Remembrance Day for transpeople — after all, there isn’t one for gay people, for example, or for any of the other groups of people that one might define. 

Several of our bloggers have done Transgender Day of Remembrance posts recently.  This one, from Rosie, will be her first post featured on T-Central.

For those who haven't discovered Rosie's blog, below is an excerpt from her About page:

I used to be a man, but am now a woman in all aspects of my life: I have been presenting as female for several years, and in November 2013 I changed my name to Rosalie (Rosie for short, hence the title of this blog). I am currently on the NHS pathway to medical transition.

This is a blog about my life, with a focus on those areas where my gender or my medical transition is relevant. Steps in my medical transition itself, of course. And other feminine aspects of my life, even if mundane. And also situations where I am with other people who know of my transition — perhaps even people who have known me in the old days when I was a man! But — who knows — some days I might get bored and witter on about other stuff, too.

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